Why Elizabethan collars are no laughing matter

Cat wearing Elizabethan collar

Funny for us, not so funny for your pet. 

For some reason, everyone thinks Elizabethan Collars (e-collars) are a necessary evil for every surgery. The truth is that an e-collar is only needed on rare occasions. 

We do not dispense many e-collars at Eight Mile Plains Vet Surgery (EMPVS)! This is because for common surgical procedures, such as neutering, we don’t need to because our patients are provided with complete pain relief (analgesia). 

We use five different injections to provide complete surgical analgesia.  No pain = No e-collar! 

For neutering surgery, each patient receives four analgesia injections prior to surgery and one after surgery.  The four injections prior to surgery are: Long-acting Valium, Methadone, Ketamine and Pethidine. The post-operative injection is Meloxicam. 

Unfortunately it is common practice for many Veterinary practices to use little or no pre-operative analgesia!  This is why they use an e-collar for every surgical patient. 

So the good news is NO E-COLLARS at EMPVS! The bad news…. no more laughing at the Bat-Cat.  

Please feel free to direct any questions to info@empvs.com.au

Regards, Dr Simon