We are an independent, family owned and run vet practice in Brisbane and have been in operation since 1999.  Led by Dr Simon Williams, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality care without compromise for all our clients – both of the human and fur variety – and are committed to your long-term positive health outcomes.

Here are a few things about us:

We love to see you, but operate by appointment only.

While we think of our practice as an extended family, we operate by appointment only, and allocate specific times of day for consultations, surgery and admissions/discharges. This not only helps us run an efficient practice, it ensures the safety of all animals and people (there still aren’t many dogs and cats that get along). Next time you want to see us, just contact us and we’ll book you in.

Please note that we cannot provide a diagnosis over the phone and will always request you come and see us so that you can be examined properly and an accurate assessment made.

We pride ourselves on providing best quality care.

We understand how important you are to your family and want to make sure you stay happy and healthy for as long a possible. Just like people, we know every animal is different and are commited to providing the best quality, individualised healthcare to suit your specific needs.

We pride ourselves on providing expert advice, backed by the best tools, equipment and training, to ensure we can deliver best quality care.

Sometimes, of course, that means we need to make tough calls and advise a diagnosis, course of treatment, or operation that might be necessary. Rest assured, we have your best interests at heart and will be there with you at every step to ensure the best possible outcome.

We are passionate about prevention.

As the saying goes, ‘Prevention is the best cure,’ and we couldn’t agree more! One of the easiest ways you can stay in good health is to ensure your ‘basic’ prevention is always up to date – we’re talking fleas, heart & intestinal worming, vaccinations and follow up appointments. Sure it’s not the most fun swallowing tablets or getting a needle, but after you’ve seen what ringworm or paralysis tick can do (which we unfortunately have), you’d understand why we’re so into prevention. We will check and update your file at each appointment to help you keep up-to-date and can order these products for you if needed.

All payment is required in full at each appointment.

As a small business, we are unfortunately not able to provide accounts or part payments. All invoices must be paid in full at the end of the appointment or treatment via cash or credit card (no AmEx sorry). We are, however, happy to review in exceptional circumstances on a case by case basis, and only in advance of the appointment or treatment.

We think pet health insurance is money well spent.

With over 20 years’ experience taking care of thousands of animals, we have found pet insurance to be a great value investment and money well spent by our clients. While it covers major things such as accidents and large operations, it also covers smaller, more common health issues, such as skin, ear or eye problems. With up to 80% of out-of-pocket expenses redeemed on some policies (depending on the type of insurance you have), health insurance may be better deal than ‘pay as you go’, particularly if your pet has ongoing concerns. If you’re interested, we recommend RSPCA and Medibank Private as great options to consider.

We offer the best value hydrobaths in town –$8 every Saturday.

It’s the best value way to avoid a stinky dog and/or a messy bathroom, all for just $8! Just be sure to book as it’s by appointment only. Call (07) 3841 2733 as you normally would. Note it’s a condition of booking that your pet’s vaccinations, heart & intestinal worming & flea control are up-to-date.